lividust asked: OMG I can't believe it all ends here ;( I really miss those excited time whenever I saw you releases and your sassy answers It's kinda sad to not see you for a while * am i overreacting lol Anyway I hope you will spend more time to translate more amazing stuff out there Best of luck guys

OMG was I really that sassy?? I thought I made an effort to tone it down but I guess….. it…. kinda just leaks through lmaoo

Yeah, I’ll miss you guys too ;n; But you know what, if you guys ever wanted to ask me what tea I’m drinking nowadays (I’m not tho I’m drinking lemonade a lot, as well as iced coffee, which I regret with every cup), or anything at all, I’ll still be around.


I made a thing, just a prototype, as can be seen. I still have to figure out a title that isn’t so sarcastic…

I redrew my fridge comic traditionally, and there’s also a few (quite few) sketches n stuff. I really like that dotty laser printer look!! 16 pages (13 of which are actually drawings). 7.3x11 inches.

I’ll probably make a few for Anime North (horray for low cost production booklets).

Fanzine for Zankoku!!! I spent this week doing it! If you’re coming to AN, I’d really appreciate it if you came and got a copy 8D (It’ll be cheap since the production is really cheap hehe)

loki-lee asked: 今まで、本当にありがとうございます。Thankyou so much from bringing us Zankoku, I will always remember it fondly. <3 I'm sad to see it end.


Have you tried reading Marginal? I read a bit and it was kinda interesting!

Anonymous asked: You mention that you did your first reread in one sitting - but I assume at that time you had not yet translated it, so were you reading the raws in Japanese? If so, were you already fluent enough to read it at a reasonable enough speed to get the feelz and all? (The reason I ask is because I'm considering doing my 3rd reading of it in Japanese but don't want the dictionary usage + figuring out grammar to diminish the emotional impact!!) Thank you for all your hard work :)

Nah man I was in the middle of translating but got over excited and read ahead. I wasn’t good at reading then TBH and I have a tendency to skim a lot, even with translated manga. Manga is a very visual style of storytelling and you can get a lot of the emotional parts by the drawing itself. If you’re going to read it for practice’s sake I say you might end up getting caught up in figuring out the language, which isn’t bad. Luckily Zankoku has furigana although sometimes the words are sometimes difficult (stuff like insurance things, trades and stocks, medieval architecture, British geography and locations, and once, an idiom that I had to do a bit of research for). But those are in the details.

I’m just gonna throw up all these asks here now

It seems like a lot of people hate Ian. I like him a lot - I find his actions incredibly believable given his character (brash, boisterous, a bit emotionally retarded maybe?), his situation (complex feelings for Jeremy that he fails at understanding), and the dramatic irony (he doesn’t experience the victimization of Jeremy to the same extent that the reader does). Did Ian ever redeem himself for you to the point of being likable? If so, when did it happen?

Actually as I was reading in the beginning (v 5 or so), I had hoped that Ian would be Jeremy’s saviour, somehow Jeremy’d be able to come away from the experience. Ian was no such saviour, and in fact he made things worse. I was really mad at him, but at the same time I can kind of understand his frustration. Everyone is human. I don’t think he ever redeemed himself for me, until he let Jeremy go at the very end. I think it was good for them to not see each other for a long time.

Thank you thank you thank you so much for all your hard work! You deserve all the cookies and kudos in the world for making Zankoku available, and I hope now you can finally relax! All the best wishes for school and life and forever :) <3 <3 <3 <3

No such thing for me, I have school man. It hard it makes me cry. Even now I’m near tears thinking about the assignments I hadn’t touched this week.

Thank you so, so much for all your work on Zankoku. It’s become one of my favorite series so I’m really grateful to you for translating it.

— adryrn

You’re welcome :)

Thanks so much for finishing Zankoku! You did it! *throws confetti* I guess you must have felt accomplished :D As I said before, I really appreciate that you kept your promise, despite RL and such. The best for you and glad that you decided to keep on translating ^^

Thanks for your continuous support! Your icon has definitely been a familiar and welcome sight haha

Yay!~~ Congrats on finishing your massive project!! That was a huge undertaking & I’m really happy you did it. Such an emotional book. I can’t wait to read it all in one sitting & weep silently to myself (thanks for those replacement pages too) I know you’d be welcome at Nakama with us if you ever feel the need to pick something up again <3

I think it’s best read in one huge chunk. I did that for my first reread, but then the subsequent rereads and translating really played down the emotional part of the story for me.

Wow, thank you so much for all of your hard working on finishing Zankoku! :D Now I just need to remember which chapter I left off reading…

Read from the beginning! It’s only 17 volumes! (I say that, but that’s only cus I read Jojo and that has at least 17 volumes per part lmaoo)

I’m a faithful fan of your scanlations, thank you for your hard work in sticking with Zankoku till the end! :)

You’re welcome! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to support Hagio Moto-sensei if you can :)

There is only one thing I can say: Thank you so much for your hard work.

You’re welcome o(n_no)

Thanks for all your hard work with Zankoku :) It was really nice seeing such a wonderful manga fully translated! I hope for success in your future endeavors :) ♥
— caerurea

Thanks for your well wishes cus I sure will need them T___T Especially for school.

I would like to thank you for your hard work with Zankoku!!!! You’re amazing! I love this manga, so I’m really grateful.

I started this project because I really liked Zankoku too!

i just want to ask in the end what relationship between Jeremy and Ian?

I don’t really know, to tell the truth. It seems that they keep each other at arm’s length and are a little awkward because of the distance that grew between them. But I think their feelings toward each other has settled somewhat (not so sure about Ian tho).

Anonymous asked: Hoping to help out the Anonymous asking about Volume 3 p 39 as I have the originals. Jeremy is thinking "Then from now on I'll be spending every weekend here like this" (the original Japanese is これから こんあふうに ぼくは 週末を 過ごすんだ )

Anonymous asked: LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU :) thank you so much for these past 2 years??(or just 1??, whatever, love you <3 )

A little more than two years ;_____;

blissfulstranger asked: Lol, Can I say yes, please? There are a bunch of BL groups that need translators! I hope you were serious XD I'm slowly getting there. I've found trying to read mangas raw really helpful but it takes be almost 10 times as long to read a chapter:(

I’m not even kidding I just applied to one like right now haha I was pretty free in Carfish cus I just did whatever I wanted with no one really to critique my translations I hope I do well under Actual QCs haha

I remember when I first attempted translating when I was still really bad at JP (and it was a god-awful Minase Mascara title, too). It was really bad and I never even got past the first page. Maybe you could stick to ones with furigana, like shounen manga. I think it helps to actually translate as opposed to casual reading too, since it helps make connections between words and its English meaning. I’ve gotten so much faster at reading hiragana since I started Zankoku and I felt it after the first week or so of furious translating.

Loose Ends

I will let this blog fester and grow mold but if you ever wanted to shoot me an ask I’ll still answer.

So, remember when I said I won’t take another project? I won’t. But I realized that my reading skills were really aided by translating manga so although Carfish will most likely never take on another project, I think I might go translate for another group. I’d really rather have other people handle everything else for me OTL Maybe you’ll see “Carfish” in the credits of a bl somewhere?

By the way, I’m 6-heures, if you haven’t found me already haha

Finally, the end

Zankoku c86

The final volume is up in the MF folder too, eventually

Here are some missing pages that people have told me about in asks but I didn’t get around to, until like now

c85 p129, p115, 145, 146, 147, 148, c84 pg 48, c68 p55, c62 p147, p148, 149, c36 p26

If there are some missing pages in anything that isn’t already in the missing pages folder, let me know and I will replenish it.

And some final announcements in a text post to be followed.

As always, asks under the cut

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