Anonymous said: Is it true that the manga Zanzoku na Kami ga Shitai Suru is completed?? (please tell me that it isn't please T_T .Pd: sorry for my really bad english

Yes, it is true, in Japanese and in English.  You can check baka-updates for more information!



Ahh thank you to those of you that bought the zine! I’m so sorry the shipping to overseas is more expensive than the zine itself T___T

In Which (Zankoku na Kami ga shihai suru fanzine) from Wheelbarrow is Fast

My fanzine is now up on Storenvy! If you guys had been wondering how to give thanks, this would be it nqn

You can read the comic here

Anonymous said: Hi! Sorry to bother you, but it seems that a page is missing from Zankoku v11 (Zankoku v11c62 p150). Could you please add it to missing pages folder when you get a chance? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the notice! No bother at all

It’s in there rn guys, go grab go!


In which Jeremy goes into the fridge
(why is he there? I don’t know)

redraw of this, and I have some copies, which will be available at Anime North

Scans of my draws!

Anonymous said: Which scan groups are you part of?

HAHA nothing I’ve worked on has been released yet

Anonymous said: I know this is so irrelevant but do you ever consider translating Gangsta by Kosuke.I know it's already been licensed but international fan like me don't get a chance to read/buy english copies due to outrageous shipping fee ;(.I know i know its also a lame excuse but this manga is really good, so if you don't mind, please check it out ;___;

Whao I didn’t even get a notification for this message I just happened to check!

Sorry I’m not solo anymore, I’m working with a scan group or three so I do what they ask me to do.

lividust said: OMG I can't believe it all ends here ;( I really miss those excited time whenever I saw you releases and your sassy answers It's kinda sad to not see you for a while * am i overreacting lol Anyway I hope you will spend more time to translate more amazing stuff out there Best of luck guys

OMG was I really that sassy?? I thought I made an effort to tone it down but I guess….. it…. kinda just leaks through lmaoo

Yeah, I’ll miss you guys too ;n; But you know what, if you guys ever wanted to ask me what tea I’m drinking nowadays (I’m not tho I’m drinking lemonade a lot, as well as iced coffee, which I regret with every cup), or anything at all, I’ll still be around.


I made a thing, just a prototype, as can be seen. I still have to figure out a title that isn’t so sarcastic…

I redrew my fridge comic traditionally, and there’s also a few (quite few) sketches n stuff. I really like that dotty laser printer look!! 16 pages (13 of which are actually drawings). 7.3x11 inches.

I’ll probably make a few for Anime North (horray for low cost production booklets).

Fanzine for Zankoku!!! I spent this week doing it! If you’re coming to AN, I’d really appreciate it if you came and got a copy 8D (It’ll be cheap since the production is really cheap hehe)